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Affiliated Student Organization Model

The Multicultural Student Center runs an annual dual-affiliation program for Registered Student Organizations (RSO)s that support and uplift students of color. Over the years, our program has increased and in the 23-24 academic year, we had 99 organizations affiliate with us. Through the affiliation program, student organizations with higher involvement with the MSC are able to access more benefits. Affiliation status ranges from 1 to 5 stars. Affiliated student organizations are eligible for the Multicultural Council Event Grant, may collaborate with the identity centers, participate in multicultural tabling opportunities, receive organizational support, and reserve spaces at the MSC , including after-hours reservations. The Multicultural Student Centers welcomes organizations that uplift, support, and provide platforms for students of color at UW-Madison to dual-register.

2024-2025 Affiliation

Review the 2024-2025 Organization Affiliation Model to determine which star level you would like to affiliate with.

2024-2025 Registration for Dual-Registered RSOs will be opening July 8th! This is your time to register and become affiliated with the MSC. Reminder that all RSOs will have to re-register on WIN.

If you have been affiliated with the MSC, WIN will automatically prompt you with MSC dual affiliation. If you have not been dual registered with the MSC, please email both and

*New this year* All affiliated organizations must complete the canvas course in order to secure affiliation. Canvas course access will be granted after applications are received and reviewed.

To participate in MCOR and The Meet Up, your application for re-affiliation must be complete by August 11th.

Non-participants deadline is September 4th.

Register to be an Affiliated Organization

For new student organizations, looking to register with the Multicultural Student Center, please reach out to the Center for Leadership Involvement (CfLI). If you have questions about the user interface of WIN, please contact as they oversee the management of WIN.

For organizations re-registering with the MSC, your org should dual-register with us through your Registered Student Organization application. At the bottom, there should be an option to affiliate/register with the Multicultural Student Center followed by a few short questions. Student organizations are not able to dual-register with more than one center, whether that be GSCC or MSC or FSL. You are still welcome to engage and be part of the MSC, however, without dual-registration on WIN, you will not be eligible for the Multicultural Council or Services & Logistics Grant.

Minimum Requirements

  • Complete the Organization Affiliation Canvas Course
  • Submit at least 1 nomination for the Multicultural Leadership Awards
  • Perform and table at MSC student organization fairs and MCOR
  • Complete and update all needed information
  • Send 1 representative to the first Multicultural Organization Assembly of each semester.
  • Have one listed advisor

Minimum Benefits

  • Priority Reservations to MSC spaces
  • Eligibility for the Multicultural Council Grant
  • Priority space at MSC signature events
  • Eligibility for co-sponsorship with Identity Centers
  • Eligibility for Multicultural Leadership Awards

Multicultural Organization Assemblies

Multicultural Organization Assemblies (MOAs) are hosted once each month to provide the opportunity and space for multicultural student organization leaders to meet, learn about the MSC, develop leadership skills, and to promote community amongst one another. Previous MOAs have collaborated with different identity center program coordinators, Successworks, and UW-Credit Union, bringing in other professional staff members from UW and the community to share their expertise with student leaders.

Unpacking Concepts Social Justice Workshops

The Multicultural Student Center collaborates with the Social Justice Education team from the Office of Inclusion Education to create workshops that engage topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion directly related to issues pertaining to people of color. Student leaders engaging in these workshops can expect to gain deeper understanding of their experience social justice topics, name UW-Madison resources available to them, and share the information with their organization members in order to better improve their impact on student organization members.

Contact the Student Organization Support Team with Questions