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Ways to get involved and find community

Identity Centers

A way for marginalized identities to have a sense of belonging by providing a built in network of support, and a place to feel their own. Identity centers also help students from similar backgrounds find one another, and create community.

Cultural programs

Programming meant to cultivate intentional experiences and spaces for students to learn and celebrate within and across identity, culture, and heritage to promote a more culturally aware campus community.

Affiliated Student Organizations

A great way to get involved, meet new people, and develop leadership skills on campus. There are more than 900 student organizations on campus, and many of them are cultural based.

More ways to engage

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Join a dialogue group

Groups include: Unbutu, Tu Voz, Rooted, VisibiliTea, and Sisters In Solidarity.

Explore Dialogue Groups

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Make a room, study table or space reservation, and get tutoring or advising assistance.

Use MSC Services

Mental health and well being

Including personal physical health, mental health, and connection to a safe campus.

Get care for yourself

Two people next to each otherCommunity building

Events, gatherings, and learning opportunities to engage with other students.

Join an event

Rocketship taking offLeadership awards

Recognizing individual and organizational leadership.

Awards and winners

A calendar with an event markedMCC Grants

Get funding for your student org event through the MSC.

Apply today

Report an incident

Bias or hate incident

Including slurs, degrading language, epithets, graffiti, symbols, assault, microagressions, and harassment.

Report bias or hate

Sexual Assault

Get support and resources for healing and recovery regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Confidential support is also available.

Report a sexual assault

Other incidents

This could include a student that you are concerned about, hazing, stalking, or a missing student.

Report other incidents


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