Identity Centers

The MSC is home to four Identity Centers: the Black Cultural Center, the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center, the Latinx Cultural Center, and the Indigenous Student Center. Each Identity Center offers students the opportunity to participate in cultural programming, community building, and leadership development. The program coordinator of each Identity Center advises the student-led committee planning their respective History or Heritage Month. 


MSC Identity Centers

Black Cultural Center

The Black Cultural Center serves Black students (including African-American, Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, and African Diaspora) by facilitating opportunities for academic and social support through co-curricular programming, and community building.

Latinx Cultural Center

The Latinx Cultural Center's guiding principles are connect, empower, and excel.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Student Center

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center serves students with heritage from a variety of backgrounds that are distinct in terms of culture, language, religion, and history.

Indigenous Student Center

The Indigenous Student Center serves Indigenous students at UW-Madison by providing academic, professional, and social opportunities through programming, community building, and collaborative partnerships on-campus and beyond.


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Multicultural Student Center

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