Social Justice Leadership Retreat

The Social Justice Leadership Retreat (SJLR) helps students explore their personal stories and experiences in relation to their peers and in the contexts of systems of power and oppressions. 

By participating in the Social Justice Leadership Retreat, students will:

  • Identify their own multiple intersecting identities, experiences and biases, and how they map on to concepts of privilege, dominance, and oppression.
  • Explain how their identities and experiences influence their understanding of leadership.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of their role in interrupting bias and prejudice in themselves and their community, and their role in developing strategies to build positive communities.

The Social Justice Leadership Retreat (SJLR) will be held on the weekend of February 22 – 24, 2019 at Green Lake Conference Center.

Social Justice Leadership Retreat Cohort 2017


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What happens at the retreat?

UW-Madison’s Social Justice Leadership Retreat takes approximately 60 students and 10 facilitators away from campus for 3 days and 2 nights of meaningful activities and story sharing. After arriving on day one, the group spends time developing trust and relationships in small groups as well as through large group activities. The following two days are used to facilitate a journey for each student in exploring their own identities, sharing their personal story in their small groups, listening to the stories of others, and participating in sessions on privilege, allyship, and leadership for social change. 

Who can participate?

Current UW-Madison undergraduate students (including transfer students) can apply to participate in SJLR. Preference is given to first and second year students.

Where does the retreat take place?

The retreat takes place at Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin (About an hour away from campus). The center accommodations are wheel chair accessible and transportation is provided to participants.

What is the cost of the retreat?

If selected, participants are asked to pay a $20 registration fee for materials they will use throughout the weekend. All transportation, lodging, and meals are provided for 3 days.

How do I apply?

Application for SJLR 2020 will start in Fall 2019. The information will be posted on this page.