University of Wisconsin–Madison

Social Justice 101

The Multicultural Student Center invites you to the Social Justice 101 Workshop Series. These workshops focus on Self, Systems, and Skills – providing terminology, a space to dialogue, and ideas on how you can make a meaningful impact. Food will be provided at all events. All are welcome in this space.

SJ 101: Self
Sept 25, 6pm, MSC Classroom
This session focuses on understanding our own social identities, defining key social justice terminology, and dialogue activities.

SJ 101: Systems
Oct 23, 6pm, MSC Classroom
This session will focus on power and privilege, and systems of oppression. We will cover key terminology and provide space to dialogue.

SJ 101: Skills
Nov 13, 6pm, MSC Classroom
This session will focus on developing skills to participate in social justice. We will discuss bystander intervention and provide a space for dialogue.

SJ 101: Self-Care
Dec 7, 10am-2pm, MSC Classroom
Join us as we share ways to de-stress and practice self-care. Tea and small snacks available.