Reserve the Black Cultural Center classroom

Reserve the BCC classroom space for formal meetings, courses, workshops/small lectures, as a small performance space, and more.

The BCC classroom has multiple tables and chairs that can be maneuvered into various arrangements or moved completely out of the space if needed.

Outside food can be brought in to this reserved space and you can take advantage of our 70 inch TV monitor for movies or presentations.

Make a reservation

Setup options

  • Standard Set-up
    • Classroom: 3 rows of tables with 24 chairs and center aisle
    • Capacity = 24 chairs with 12 tables
  • Lecture Style Seating
    • Rows of chairs with center aisle
  • Discussion Group w/o tables (large circle)
    • Capacity = 24 people max
  • Large Working Group
    • Large square 12 tables with 24 chairs
    • Capacity = 24 people max
  • Small Working Groups
    • Three clusters of four tables with eight chairs
    • Capacity = 24 people max
  • Standing Room Only
    • Open floor, some seating on the edge of room
    • Capacity = 60-70 people max

The Black Cultural Center classroom


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