Planning for the 2021 Latinx Heritage Month is starting soon

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2018 Latinx Heritage Month keynote speaker Amara La Negra with the LHM planning committee

Amara La Negra performing at LHM

Latinx Cultural Center

The mission of the LCC is to facilitate an environment for Latinx identifying students that provides academic, professional, and social opportunities that critically engage their identity and build communities of support at UW-Madison.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are connect, empower, and excel. The LCC assists in connecting Latinx students to various resources on campus. More importantly, the LCC provides a way for Latinx students to find and choose their family at UW-Madison and engage as a collective in their collegiate experience. The LCC supports in cultivating the agency that our Latinx students bring by encouraging students to explore their identities and experiences throughout UW-Madison and beyond. The LCC seeks to empower our students to be critical thinkers and self determining of their time at our institution. The LCC aids Latinx students in not only gaining skills to navigate their various endeavors but to also excel in them. The LCC’s programming and resources aim to enhance student’s cultural wealth to continue seizing opportunities and growing as Latinx students.