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The mission of the LCC is to facilitate an environment for Latinx identifying students that provides academic, professional, and social opportunities that critically engage their identity and build communities of support at UW-Madison.


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Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are connect, empower, and excel. The LCC assists in connecting Latinx students to various resources on campus. More importantly, the LCC provides a way for Latinx students to find and choose their family at UW-Madison and engage as a collective in their collegiate experience. The LCC supports in cultivating the agency that our Latinx students bring by encouraging students to explore their identities and experiences throughout UW-Madison and beyond. The LCC seeks to empower our students to be critical thinkers and self determining of their time at our institution. The LCC aids Latinx students in not only gaining skills to navigate their various endeavors but to also excel in them. The LCC’s programming and resources aim to enhance student’s cultural wealth to continue seizing opportunities and growing as Latinx students.

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Latinx Heritage Month

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Kelly Carranza

Position title: Latinx Heritage Month Chair

Natalie Ergas

Position title: Latinx Cultural Center, Program Coordinator


Get involved

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Be part of the Latinx Heritage Month Planning Committee

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Serving on the Heritage Month Planning Committee, members will be able to: 

  •  Event Plan & Execute
    • Critically think to strategically develop and enhance skills in order to plan, execute, and facilitate small- and large-scale programming
  • Collaborate & Network
    • Work collaboratively with campus partners, student organizations, and the greater Madison community to put on heritage month programming and initiatives
  • Self-Reflect & Team Build
    • Assess one’s own strengths and areas for growth while building community amongst peers on the planning committee
  • Identify intersectionalities
    • Within your racial identity and other identity markers (e.g. class, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, disability, etc.)
  • Problem Solve
    • Find solutions to difficult or complex situations
  • Develop Leadership
    • Expand one’s own capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes via communication, decision making, critical/strategic thinking
    • Strengthen leadership, event planning, and organizational skills


In February of 2018, Josue Velazquez, Jonathan Godinez, Michelle Navarro and Alondra Avitia, now recent alums, connected at a social justice leadership retreat and began discussing Latinx issues on campus. The idea for a Latinx Cultural Center was inspired by the recent student activism happening on campus regarding the establishment of the current Black Cultural Center and the developing work for the APIDA Student Center. These students joined forces with student activists working to start the APIDA Student Center, drafted a proposal, and presented proposals for both centers together to a group of university officials in March. Native American and Black students attended in solidarity and in support of Latinx and APIDA students, all as a strong coalition. The student activists who helped establish the LCC also served as the first student interns of the center and were titled community organizers. We now have a full-time staff program coordinator and an undergraduate programming intern.

Take a virtual tour of our current space and please consider financially supporting the Latinx Cultural Center.

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