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The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center (APIDASC) serves students with heritage from a variety of backgrounds that are distinct in terms of culture, language, religion, and history. Its staff host academic, professional, and social programs throughout the year to enhance the student experience, support student success, and foster a sense of belonging at UW-Madison.


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In 2017, Riley Tsang and Shannon Thao began actively lobbying for an APIDA Student Center. A committee created and led by Tsang and Thao, researched centers at other Big Ten schools and developed a proposal to present in collaboration and in solidarity with the student activists working to establish the Latinx Cultural Center. They used the momentum of each other’s projects to build on their own individual efforts forming a student coalition. When thinking about these two spaces, the students active in launching the centers thought it important to note that these new centers be thought of as startup spaces, not finished products, as there are still many ideas for growth. The student activists who worked to establish the APIDA Student Center also served as the first student interns of the center and were titled community organizers. We now have a full-time staff program coordinator and an undergraduate programming intern.

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APIDA Heritage Month

APIDA Heritage Month

The purpose of the APIDA Heritage Month (APIDAHM) is to celebrate and highlight the cultural, historical, and lived experiences of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans in the United States and broader diasporic communities. Campus celebrates APIDAHM in April instead of the nationally recognized month of May due to the majority of students leaving campus after graduation in early May. 

APIDA Heritage Month Planning Committee

The APIDAHM Planning Committee (APIDAHMPC) organizes and coordinates APIDAHM programming. The APIDAHMPC is made up of a chair (MSC intern) and current UW students who serve on subcommittees. The APIDASC Program Coordinator advised the planning committee. Students are invited to join the planning committee in the fall to start planning for the following spring’s heritage month.


Kevin Wong

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