About Cultural Programming


The mission of Cultural Programming at the MSC is to cultivate intentional experiences and spaces for students to learn and celebrate within and across identity, culture, and heritage to promote a more culturally aware campus community. 

To achieve our mission the MSC Cultural Programming team has adopted the Tri-Sector Model of Cultural Practice (Jenkins & Walton, 2008), which includes the following:

  1. Community Building and Outreach
    • Comprehensive marketing campaigns
    • Campus and community involvement
    • External outreach
  2. Cultural Programming
    • Cultural engagement programs
    • Cultural Leadership Development Programs
    • Cultural Education Programs
  3. Administrative Practices
    • Cultural Environment Creation
    • Staff Professional Development
    • Institutional Commitment

Signature Programs

  • Welcome Events
  • Cultural Excursions
  • Academic Events
  • Graduation Receptions
  • Discussion Groups

Heritage Months and Planning Committees

  • Latinx Heritage Month: September 15-October 15
    • Planning: April, June, July, AugusT
  • Black History Month: February
    • Planning: October, November, December, January
  • APIDA Heritage Month: April (nationally celebrated in May)
    • Planning: November, December, February, March

Pop-up Programming

  • Center-Led
  • Collaborative
  • Passive