Wunk Sheek

Annual Pow Wow 2012

Wunk Sheek is a 40-year-old strong organization that represents the Native American population on campus. They put on different cultural and educational workshops, such as teaching members to bead and cook traditional foods. They also host discussions about stereotypes and finding identities on campus. Wunk Sheek also put on multiple programs during Native November and they also host events during Indigenous People’s Day, a UW-Madison recognized holiday that falls on an otherwise known as Columbus Day. One of their biggest annual events is the Spring Pow Wow. Members collaborated with other student organizations, schools and departments, and tribal community members. During the school year, they meet at the American Indian Student Cultural Center, located at 215 N Brooks St.

Wunk Sheek strives to be a service-oriented network, presenting spiritual views, while embracing the ability to educate the campus community on unique cultural identities. They serve the student body and surrounding community to increase cultural compentency with educational workshops, speakers, activites, awareness, cultural experiences, and to act as a clearing house for the University of Wisconsin-Madison on information to indigenous culture, politics, life, and history.